Want to feel proud of yourself?

Happy Wednesday.

I just got back from an exciting and intense weekend in Chicago. I love Chitown because her energy reminds me of New York – everything feels possible. I’ll follow that feeling till the end of the Earth. The architecture, graffiti, and the way the sun hit the L-train above my hotel room had this woman wrapped around her finger.


It’s a good thing too because the conference itself was hard. I spent most of it feeling scared, trying to feel on top of my game. Trying is the operative word.

I don’t mind admitting it. I spent 12 hours/day with 200 people and I know 95% or even 100% felt exactly how I did. That’s a fact.

My approach to this situation (and life in general) is, “Cool. What a blessing to see what my next level of development is. I’m lucky I can now see where I need to build my capacity.” #blessed.

I’m a big fan of viewing hard moments as opportunities.

But going through these moments genuinely sucks. #stressed.

I had to practice all weekend what it felt like to feel confident when I felt small, and speak at the mic when it was the LAST thing I wanted to do. Practice, practice, practice.

Practice is a great baseline because…

It’s the #1 way to stop making everything about you & what YOU did right or wrong.

Judging yourself like this does the opposite of what you want: it STOPS you from taking action when you get a bad result or fail.

Today’s video is about practice and taking ACTION. I tell you how focusing on ACTION, not on OUTCOMES leads to you feeling successful and proud. (Note: I don’t talk about Chicago, that’ll be up in another video.)

I practice every day and always use the tools I teach you. We’re on the same path, compadre.

If there’s ever a time you DON’T need to practice, look at your life. You’re probably too comfortable and need to kick it up a notch.

Comfort is not a good baseline.

Here’s what I share in the video. Action is a waay better metric than your outcomes.

        • You can only control the action you take, NOT the outcomes. Repeat: You cannot control the outcome, though you might *think* you can.
        • If you focus on outcomes, you blame and criticize. Both of which aren’t necessary. If something goes well, you say “I did something right!” If it doesn’t go right you say, “I’m stupid.” You complain and blame, and none of it’s real.
        • Action gives you agency – at every point you can ACT to change something.
        • You always have something to celebrate because even if you don’t get the right outcome, you can always take more action and celebrate your effort.
        • You feel better overall and stop internalizing/freaking out. God’s honest truth. :)
        • You become someone who ACTS and creates opportunity, not who WAITS for things to happen.
        • Your outcomes improve in quality AND frequency.

If you base your feeling of happiness and accomplishment on the outcome, your life and business will feel harder than they have to. Focusing on ACTION helps me actually DO stuff instead of just thinking about doing stuff all day long.

Here’s to practice making us….better at practicing. That’s the point of this gig called life.

xx Ishita