There’s a lot on your plate. Here’s how to not feel like a failure :)

There's a lot on your plate. Here's how to not feel like a failure (2) Photo credit:

Today I’m bringing back video. I’ve been itching to do it for a while now, but now that summer’s here, I’m going for lighter layers but also less layers – less screens and veneer between us – you and me. You’ll see more video from me each month along with my usual posts from now on, and I think you’ll dig them.

Today we’re talking about failure. The kind of failure that gets you when you’ve got too much to do and you’re running on all cylinders, but STILL it feels like nothing’s getting done.

One of my clients inspired this question and I love it because May is when we try to cram in LOTS of tasks and projects so we feel accomplished before summer technically begins and before we bust out our bikinis.

He said, “I feel like I’m falling behind and I’m annoyed with myself.” No surprise there; He’s in the middle of a website launch, tying up existing client work, and organizing an offline event. He emailed me asking how to A.) Meet the deadline he set or B.) Stop feeling annoyed with himself for whooshing past his deadlines.

I know exactly what he meant. Whooshing occurs almost daily around here and I know the irritation it causes. I’ve developed some strategies that I’m sharing with you for how to get through it without annihilating my self esteem AND getting stuff done.

Watch the video here to find out what I told him and what you can do if you’re feeling annoyed at your own deadlines and what’s on your plate.

If you want the in-depth strategies (and the personal flair ;)), watch the video. But here’s a summary of what I told him:

1) Realize that there is a reason you feel this way.
If you’re in the middle of a website launch, existing client work, and an event, you’re going to feel stress. Know that it’s temporary, and that once it’s off your plate, you’ll have more capacity. Right now, accept it and breathe through it. I promise it works, even if it’s simple. Say, “There’s a lot on my plate right now, and it will be until next week. After that I’ll look at the other areas of my life and work, but right now, I’m just going to accept it and move through it. Next time you’ll know how to prioritize your energy better. See it’s not a bad thing! Being annoyed at yourself means that next time you (hopefully) won’t do the same thing!

2) Adjust your expectations.
Something’s gotta give, remember? At this point, you have to push something off, move the website launch (and not feel guilty – guilt only adds stress), tie up client work fast, or finish the event. Outside of delegating, outsourcing, deleting, or pushing, there’s nothing to do. Watch the video to see me talk this through REAL talk.

3) Create REAL time to do important tasks.
Right now, you need time and there is none. But that’s an illusion. You need to make time work for you by CREATING it in your schedule. Literally block off time specifically TO DO, not think about, but DO the things you want to get done. Physically put 2 hours in your calendar where you’ll get stuff done. Get it out of your head and into your calendar. Now. Make your time REAL.

4) Change your state of mind.
Lastly, change your state of mind from slogging away trying to get everything done to….having fun. Yes, I said it. Is it trite? Yes. But it WORKS. Going from obligation to fun makes you more productive and releases hormones that make you feel on top of the world – like you can get stuff done even if you’re miles away from your deadline ;) Find a way to make it fun. I wore jewels and listened to George Benson on blast when I did my taxes. You gotta get your energy back some how.

Feeling like a failure, staying stuck in a negative emotions is the WORST thing to do.

I read comic books and listen to music, which you can try too.

So first accept it! It’s easier than fighting it. Then adjust your expectations and create REAL time in your calendar. Then change your state of mind from slogging, because slogging feels like crap, doesn’t it?

If you’re overwhelmed or feel like my client did, please watch the video and tell me what you think. Leave a comment or email me at I’d love to hear from you. You have amazing life hacks of your own, so tell me how you’ve dealt with too much on your plate. Do you accept it or have another way to power through? Let me know how you handle it when you feel like you’re falling behind.

Also, tell me what you think of the video. I’d love to hear your thoughts. It is powerful hearing from you.

If you liked this post and know someone who’s struggling and who needs to hear this, please pass this along to them. Family, friends, colleagues, we all need help sometimes to get our confidence back. Be the person who helps yourself and then helps others find it :).