Shift your energy + emotions. Let’s talk live.

This video is one big blooper, but that’s what happens shooting at night. You’ve been warned!

When I’m stuck, the first thing I do is create “workable” energy. My #1 favorite thing is to journal. Writing is straight-up alchemy for me because I actually see my thoughts calm down from minute 5 to minute 40. I find lots of solutions to my problems and feel downright joyful by the end. I also read books to raise my level of thinking because, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Thanks Einstein, what a pal.

Wanting to get unstuck is different from actually doing it.

DOING it means shifting the way you THINK.

Not an easy task by any stretch, but doable. Definitely doable.

The best way for me to shift my thinking is to ask for help.

When I’ve moved quickest through feeling stuck, it was because I asked for help and raised the level of how I THOUGHT.

It’s hard to change your thoughts when the only ones around are YOURS.

Sometimes I ask Al. Or Seth. Or Sarah. Sometimes I ask David Goggins or Tyler Perry via a Youtube clip.

Whoever it is, for me it’s always someone who thinks at a higher/different level than “normal,” has high energy, and is not risk averse.

On Tuesday, I wrote about how J felt stuck pitching her business services & asked for help. I emailed her and got straight to the issue. In ONE day she shifted her energy, changed her thinking, and took different actions. She sent this:

“Super helpful, THANK YOU. It totally helped me re-frame today & I got out of my funk! You’re right, I focused too much on outcome (“wins”), not on ME continuing to take *effective* action, not “loosey goosey” action, as you would say. I looked at the # pitches I did this/last month. Total: 25. Two were specific gigs that didn’t pan out, and 3 said, “Yes, but not now.” This alone helped me refocus. I realized I need to hone in specifically: “Is this business actively looking for my services right now?” Based on this, I have a new project plan for the month and I’m starting fresh tomorrow!”

BOOM. It doesn’t take long.

Getting specific helps.

Asking for help helps.

Not spinning your wheels alone helps.

To get personal and see if I can help, I’m doing a LIVE 2-call series this month: Blazing Q&A Calls where we talk live. I answer your biggest questions on life, business, work, purpose, anything you feel stuck on. Click the link for details.

*The intro video is a good indication of my style, i.e. Informal, some cussing, full of foibles. :)

  • How can I “breakthrough” and follow my passion – what’s the first step?
  • I have so many ideas, but I don’t take action. What’s wrong with me?
  • How do I feel more confident & stop feeling anxious in social situations?

– Shift your energy and emotions, and access NEW solutions to problems

– Raise your level of thinking to change your actions

– Get unstuck by taking responsibility for where you’re currently stuck

– Get my personal lessons, mistakes, and advice I usually only share with clients. I’m unconventional, real, and hopeful with a dash of humor.

Click here for details. Our first call is next Thursday Feb 15th, 2018.

I love Q&A so much I can’t even tell you. It’s MAGIC. When you show up and ask for what you need in a real way, you alter yourself. In that moment you increase your ability to risk & push yourself beyond discomfort. From THAT SPACE is where you move forward, not from low-energy “stuckness.”

Limited to 10 people so I can answer all your Q’s and get personal. I’ll bring my FULL self and tell the truth as I know it.

Lesszzzz go!
xx Ishita