Remember who you ARE.

I say “like” so many times in this video it’s actually embarrassing.

Life is painful. Sometimes when it’s too painful, you forget who you are.

When you heal a broken heart, you forget that you’re lovable.

When they don’t approve of you, you forget your worth.

When you deal with loss, you forget how resilient you’ve been before.

It takes courage to remember.

And sometimes you need a reminder.

Today’s video is about reminding yourself who you are. It CAN be done. Last week I did it for myself when I felt shitty and then had a phone call that shifted my energy. In a few minutes, I felt my power back. If you’re in emotional pain or need a reminder of YOUR strength, I hope today’s video gives you that. Your strength IS underneath.

Note: It’s my first video in a while, so cussing is in full effect, there’s a ridiculous Biggie/Tupac blooper, and I use “like” 100x. Embarrassing, but enjoy!

I highlighted notes from the call below because they genuinely helped me; two other calls I had that day didn’t make me feel like this one.

1. Sharing in a REAL way works.
As soon as I got on the call, the woman skipped the bullshit, “Hi how’re you fine ugh I hate life but i’m fine, i’m cool, it’s cool.” Instead she said, “Listen, before we do anything, I need to tell you I feel all over the place. This thing just happened with my guy and I’m freaking out about my book, etc. etc.” Whew boy, I felt instant relief. I listened to her, heard her. Then it was my turn, “I’m still healing from Major Thing and I’m supposed to be driven again all of a sudden?! I still feel emotional and now there’s X, Y, and Z I gotta deal with!”

It’s not about complaining. It’s about saying what’s *REAL.*

Within 5 minutes, we both felt heard and acknowledged, which allowed us to actually move on. Trauma and hardship become harder when you don’t feel seen, when it feels like no one understands the depth of your suffering.

When someone witnesses you, it’s tonic for your soul. I totally recommend it if you have the *RIGHT* person to talk to.

After 45 minutes of laughing hard and chair/car dances, I was genuinely shocked how energized and HAPPY I felt.

2. Connecting with someone works.
I know I know I know. It’s the last thing you want to do when you feel bad. Guess what? It’s the last thing I want to do. Really. I just want someone to fly in and make it all better already. But when I do connect, I feel much better. Note: Only connect with the right person so you don’t take on more trauma; I didn’t call my mom or a friend who doesn’t get emotional; I spoke to someone who was ALL ABOUT IT.

3. Getting into your strength works.
This was the best reminder. I helped my friend come up with a few ideas for her book launch and instantly remembered, “Oh, I’m good at marketing.” “I’m good at helping people figure out online stuff.” “I’m good at finding solutions right NOW.” “I am intuitive.” I realized I need to coach, teach, or train every week – it fills me up and reminds me who I AM.

You are unique; the only one in the world with your particular set of skills, talents, and neuroses. That’s what we need to come up with new solutions to the problems of the world. Not something to scoff at or take lightly. You get confidence when you remember who you are and aren’t afraid to say it.

Watch the video for the full breakdown. I got off the phone feeling like nothing could eff with me because my insides felt strong. That’s the feeling we’re shooting for. You *can* help yourself get it, even if it feels like the last thing you know how to do.

If this helped you, consider passing it on to someone in your life who may need to hear it. I get encouraged by different people and ideas every week – I never know where help will come from!

xx Ishita