My personal story & what’s been most powerful

Today’s post is personal and exciting for me. In the video, I share my story of the last 10 years; when I moved to New York with dreams in tow, took risks, worked with brilliant people, built a business so I could live and work freely, and learned about myself as a woman, partner, friend.

Bed of roses not it has been. – Yoda. I think that’s from the third movie?

I’ve made loads of mistakes, gotten lots of smacks upside my head. How I roll is to make use of these mistakes and share them, not be afraid of them. If someone else can avoid rock bottom because of me, it’s worth it. Entirely. Good day at the office.

Click here to watch the video. In usual Ishita-style, I jig, cry, and talk for…18 mins. I know, it’s insane. The good bits are near the end, so you might want to hydrate and get a snack before.

With as many bumps as there’ve been, I wouldn’t trade the road for nuthin. It’s exciting and I couldn’t have dreamed I’d experience some of what I have.

It’s only by LIVING it that I now know the kind of risk-taking that leads to an extraordinary life.

It takes guts and persistence, which you and I have in droves. If you’re reading this now, your story probably isn’t all that different from mine.

One thing that has changed is my desire to be real with you. It’s gotten deeper. With family, friends, everyone I meet. That’s why I like video; it’s hard to fake it with a screen up in your grill. Especially here, I want to show you who I am and how I live; give you behind the scenes of how I create a life to prioritize: freedom, my schedule, work, relationships, travel, adventure, powerfully handling rock bottom moments.

That’s why I’m sharing in these videos and also why I’m sharing in depth in my new program, Freedom to Thrive. It’s my most favorite name ever –

The program wraps everything I’ve learned over the last 10 years into a burrito of powerful principles to help you thrive.

After an incalculably awful 2016, where I practiced what I learned, for the first time, Freedom to Thrive combines the most effective skills in life and business into a 7-month program; I go deep with you on the stuff that’s actually made a difference in my life. There’s a private program and a group program, and it’s all the training I wish I had 10 years or even 2 years ago.

This program is how I answered my most important questions:

  • How do I want to live?
  • Who do I want to be and how do I want to show up in the world?
  • What’s my purpose? What work will I pursue?

Every part of the last ten years I’ve taken risk after risk, with zero roadmap. I learned through experience the difference between making choices from fear vs. intuition, and how to propel myself ahead through confusion. I had to figure out how to thrive, not just survive.

There’s an important reason the program is named the way it is!

It’s not NEW stuff, it’s just effective stuff.

While reviewing the last decade, I spent MOST of my time, energy, and resources in three core areas, which form the foundation curriculum:

When I looked at where I generated energy and what made me feel nourished and productive, it ALWAYS started with SELF.

  • How I managed my energy and time.
  • If I made decisions from a place of self-love vs. fear.
  • Did I allow things to flow with ease and grace vs. force them.
  • Did I feel the presence of something larger in my life to guide me.
  • Did I have systems in place to ensure proper health & wellness
  • Were my boundaries healthy and could I say “no” appropriately
  • Could I communicate with others and still respect myself.
  • Did I have guilt-free fun and self-care as a priority in my life

If I boiled down my most effective and powerful business lessons, these are it. It’s the ones that I can always go back to; they hold true across industries.

  • How to sell effectively by being myself.
  • How to be confident, fearless, and have integrity in the sales process.
  • How to tell powerful stories.
  • How to focus only on what matters in my work, not on distractions.
  • How to market with ease so I could connect with others.
  • How to use systems to stop reinventing the wheel. This helped me not freak out on Monday mornings and know exactly
  • what to do and when, and tap into my WHY. Much easier to sell, pitch, see clients if I knew WHY I was doing it.
  • I nixed “I’m overwhelmed” and took responsibility for my work.

The most rewarding, but hardest part of my journey, figuring out how to love myself and the people in my life with freedom, not “story.” After years of relationships that didn’t work, where I felt resigned and unable to be myself, I learned how to have hard conversations; because nixing people out of my life only worked for so long, until life started to look and feel small.

  • I learned to lovingly support and be supported during transitions
  • I connected with people while also living the life I wanted.
  • I learned how to build relationships & friendships my own way.
  • I learned how to “balance” work and feel connected to people
  • I loved myself fiercely in order to fully show up for others.
  • I learned to have hard conversations and set boundaries

I took the lessons of the last decade and turned it into a powerful curriculum for you to thrive in life and business.

I feel better than ever, in part because I concentrated fully on using these tools and practicing them this year.

They are not new, but they’ve been very EFFECTIVE in my life.

Here’s the program page again with all the details. If you’re ready to apply or interested, please do. There’s a handy link at the bottom of the program page where you can apply if it feels right. We begin in June and run for the rest of the year.

If you have questions and want to talk about the program specifically for you, you can also email me at and we’ll talk. I’m down with that.

Personally, I’m making the rest of 2017 count. If you want to do the same and if I can support or help ignite you along the way, it’d be my pleasure to do so.

xx Ishita