I learned the hard way. But you don’t have to.

60 people are signed up for the 5 Powerful Mindsets call since I announced it on Thursday. I imagine weekenders rolled in while sipping their morning tea & reading NYT (I like to pretend we’re the same and would make excellent roommates.) :)

Here’s the page to sign up. If you’re on the fence, I recommend jumping off now because it’s mid-March (don’t ask me how THAT happened) and time to take action.

I know I’m done waiting for things to change. Waiting is sooo 2016.

I made a video about not waiting at my local YMCA. It’s my new favorite place and the fanciest Y I’ve seen.

In my weekly videos I try to be useful about what’s helped me; the root of what we go through is the same, though our circumstances are different. I can only go so far in them – YouTube cuts me off at 17 mins and you KNOW I already push that limit! ;)

So that’s why I’m doing the call: to go in depth with you on how to feel confident whatever your circumstance. We need more time for things to sink in and to get the tools out of your head and into your LIFE.

The only way to WORK the tools and actually see results is to practice.

Which we forget to do All. The. Time.

Most people skip practice and want to get directly to the results, without realizing that that thinking itself leads to crappy results.

Alcoholics Anonymous says, “Your best thinking got you here.” I like this because it reminds us that often we don’t know how to get results we want, but we still keep doing the same things pretending we *do* know.

Personally, I’m ready to stop messing around with myself.

I only do live calls when I feel strongly about how what I teach has helped me.

I spent the entire year practicing some of these mindsets and over a decade practicing others.

It’s REAL.

Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll learn on each call:

CALL 1: Build your foundation

  • Success and happiness start with *YOU.* That’s a fact.
  • Cut through what you think works, and start with the mindsets that do. Get new solutions to persistent problems.
  • Feel confident and unshakable within yourself. Core confidence is what we’re talking about.

CALL 2: Business, Purpose, Sales

  • How to sell and feel good about yourself while doing it. No need to put your “sales” hat on or change who you are.
  • How to market so that the right people hear you. You don’t want everyone, just your people.
  • How to be a bold storyteller. You can’t run a powerful business without living a full life of stories & experiences.
  • How to shift your relationship with money to feel good.

Call 3 is the final frontier.

With new thinking, you’re ready to tackle the hard stuff: family and friends.

HAHA! You know that’s true. :) This was the BIGGEST area I practiced in in 2016.

CALL 3: Relationships, Boundaries, Hard Conversations

  • How to set boundaries effectively, without being harsh.
  • How to have hard conversations, especially with people you’re close to.

The mindsets I give you on all 3 calls are designed for long-term use, not one-hit wonders.

The entire reason I feel confident sharing them is because some of the tools I use every single day, others I’ve practiced for years.

I’ll be honest like I always am. But if you show up genuinely wanting to take action, you’ll get so much more from the call. It matters to me (and I hope you), that you’re engaged.

So if you’re looking for more that what’s showing up in life right now, or you want to practice being You 2.0, get on the call. You’ve got nothing to lose showing up. A lot is on the line if you don’t. I’d tell myself the exact same thing.

Here’s the page to sign-up.

See you soon, compadre from a different madre.
xx Ishita