Gobble up your next 30 Days. No more excuses.

ig-newsletter11-22-17Oh how I love Donna Summer and this album cover.


Hello my peeps.

Update on 30 Days to Done. Heads up you’ll get 3 more emails from me before the program starts next week, so prepare yourself emotionally if you need to. ;)

Tomorrow I start 1:1 calls with people in 30 Days to Done. We create a 30-day action plan on one important goal and get started this week. Then next week I do a strategy call with you & introduce your accountability partner and coach.

I know. Not enough time to get out of your Thanksgiving food coma, baby!

That’s how I roll. [Side note: We’re gonna eat every single thing, right!?]

People are already pumped to get a customized plan for their goal DONE.

You don’t sign up for a program like this unless you’re ready.

Ready to stop the heavy, shamey, guilty feelings.

Ready to do things differently.

Once they sign up, they’re ALL SYSTEMS GO.

Some of them even put the heat on me to move our calls earlier this week lol.

I don’t mind because I know they’re excited to make their 30 days count.

So am I. Tres excited.

If you want to join 30 Days to Done and make your next 30 days count (I hope you do even if you don’t join) and knock out a goal that’s been on your list – sign up above. You get all the details on the program page (don’t you like the zen’ed out woman? I designed the whole page around her.)

I intentionally set an insane deadline – 30 days – so you get out of your head, stop making lists and worrying about what you haven’t done.

You gotta get uncomfortable if you want to change. 30 Days to Done helps you win because it eliminates what usually stops you:

  • A short deadline forces you to take rapid action instead of THINK.
    30 days means you stop thinking so much and just ACT, even when you get stuck. I mean it – the energy, laser focus, coaching – means your brain gets to relax; that’s half the battle.
  • Eliminate distraction and procrastination with 1:1 & group support.
    We don’t allow you to stress out and hide. You get support every day from your partner, coach, and me. Floundering isn’t an option, friend.
  • The system is SIMPLE. You show up every day and perform.
    You don’t have to worry about what to do. We talk about it, plan it, and hold you accountable to DO IT.
  • You track daily and weekly. This is MANDATORY for your success.
    Tracking every day SHOWS you whether or not you’ll meet your goal. With your tracking reports, it’s simple to SEE if you’re doing what counts.
  • You feel momentum you just don’t get doing it alone.
    Once you get going, your energy, confidence, and ability to DO STUFF increases. You gotta get in the system and start doing it to SEE it.
  • You get private coaching with me.
    I tell the truth seasoned with kindness. A coach to guide you and cut through B.S. (with <3) makes all the difference between wanting to do it and actually getting it DONE.

Here’s what people asked me about the program; it might help you if you’re on the fence or you need All the Things to relax your mind, like I do:

How does it work?
We identify your goal and create your specific plan 1:1. I explain the system. We do ALL thinking, prioritizing, eliminating before you start. You take action regularly for 30 days and get coaching whenever you get stuck.

Do I have to narrow it down to one goal?
Yeah, you do. Two goals max. Narrowing it down was hard for me too, but I knew that doing A LOT for little results was worse than doing ONE thing that made a big difference to my business and self-esteem. 30DTD isn’t for the little things in your life; it’s for the major goals to get done so you have MORE time, MORE energy, and MORE resources to focus on the little stuff IF you still want to.

Not knowing what to do is a choice. I’ve chosen wrong many times, but now I know better. Plus, wishing it was different starts to feel old after a while.

This is our LIFE.

We can choose to stay stuck and overwhelmed or choose to get help, get support, and SEE ourselves succeed.

Give yourself the gift of feeling clear, confident, and ready for 2018; if you want to do it with me, it’d be a pleasure.

Always grateful your attention, time, and openness. Your stories are my favorite to read in my email. Thanks for being here, reading my posts and most of all, being gutsy and generous. I like having you with me & I hope you’ll be here for a long time.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. And if you don’t have close ones to share this holiday with, I’m sending you love and warmth from my side. Please accept this super tight koala-style hug.

xx Ishita