Eliminate overwhelm & Get it Done in 30 Days


I’ve said this for years! Guess that makes us twinsies :)


A good way to stress yourself out? Take a super long time to make a decision.

I used to feel scared and overwhelmed making different decisions. I’d wait for so long to decide until I knew for sure or for certain, but while I waited the good stuff passed me by! The speaking gig went off the table as I thought about my prices. Mike said my idea at the meeting while I waited for the right time to speak. The high-profile client lost interest as I debated if I had the skills to take them on.

Even thinking about these experiences now makes me cringe.

There’s no right time.

Waiting for it makes you feel bad, you waste time and ultimately miss out on something you genuinely want or need.

The best decision I’ve made is to make decisions quickly. Even if I’m wrong.

If you’ve got a big project or goal weighing you down that you want to complete, 30 Days to Done is the system I designed to make your decision QUICKLY to get it DONE.

FOCUS and prioritize ONE important goal for the next 30 days; one thing that makes a BIG difference in your life.

  • J’s deciding if she’ll go back to nursing school and how she’ll get re-certified.
  • M’s creating a rock solid marketing & promotion plan for her book launch in 2018.
  • L’s organizing her finances and finally completing her outstanding tax work.
  • B’s creating a revenue plan for the next 30 days to generate more money.
  • P’s creating a morning routine and productivity system to go into 2018 clean.

We don’t do it by relying on your willpower or motivation.

The 30 Days to Done system. It ain’t just any system! This system:

  • Helps you show up regularly every day so you take consistent action.
  • Holds you accountable and coaches you when you get stuck.
  • Boosts your energy by accomplishing ONLY the important goal in your life.
  • Forces you to think before-hand, so all you have to do is act.
  • Reduces your anxiety and eliminates distraction.
  • Prioritizes major goals so you feel clear and focused.
  • Creates time, space, and ease for new things in 2018.

The system SHOWS you you’re not crazy.

In fact, you realize what IS crazy is trying to do it alone, while falling into old habits and beating yourself up.

The crazy thing is to NOT HAVE A SYSTEM.

You’re not missing skill or experience or some magic secret. You’re missing a system.

Here’s what you get in 30 Days to Done.

When you don’t have to think about the system, the hard work’s already done for you.

  • Accomplish ONLY your TOP 1-2 goals by December 31st, 2017.
    You work on major goals, not minor tasks. We repeat this important distinction over and over. Most of the time we work on tasks that don’t contribute to our bottom-line happiness, productivity, income, or quality of life. It’s no wonder we feel like we don’t make progress! It’s time to focus on the major stuff.
  • We hold you accountable EVERY day and week.
    Private and group coaching don’t allow you to fall into old bad habits just because it’s easy to do so. Alone, you skip deadlines when you’re tired, move to a different project if you’re bored, and stop taking action when you’re overwhelmed. Here, we hold you accountable daily and weekly with a partner and your own personal coach, and you track your progress. We make sure you get out of your head every day, especially when you fall into traps.
  • A short deadline gives you adrenaline and momentum.
    A 30 day deadline http://www.cheapambienpriceonline.com sets you up for results, not constant planning or dreaming. Daily meetings give you a deadline every day, so you feel proud at the end of the day, not like you wasted time. Momentum keeps you moving.
  • We remove complexity and minimize distraction.
    The only thing you focus on is your MAJOR goal. A big goal is scary enough without adding more stress and distraction to it.
  • You feel proud and energized having completed your BIGGEST goals.
    When you’re not tied down by old projects, you have more space, ease, and clarity for what’s NEXT in 2018. It’s time to stop working doing the same thing over and over again and look at what’s next and exciting for you.
  • Don’t force or discipline yourself. Use the system to show up regularly.
    Motivation and willpower don’t get you results; if you rely on these alone you’ll feel helpless when you don’t have will power. Our system is simple, easy to follow and allows you to track your progress so you don’t self-sabotage.
  • See *real* results when you stretch yourself.
    Get to the END of the finish line and complete your tasks with your group and coach pushing you. Don’t stop when you get frustrated, tired, or scared. What you want is at the end of 30 days, but it takes the system to get you there!


Don’t rely on a magic solution, because there is none.

And don’t rely on yourself to get the MOST important thing done.

Actually get it done using 30 Days to Done. Or any system! Just use a system and stop blaming yourself for not being the world’s most productive human being!

30 Days to Done is designed to make you feel clear. You open up energy in the FIRST conversation when you get free from old projects, habits, and expectations. Then you take a lot of action to clear up space before 2018.

You’re ready, baby. Just like I am. I can’t wait to get into projects I’ve been thinking about for a year; they’re waiting for my attention but I never got to to them because I was too overwhelmed with old stuff that weighed me down..

Not anymore.

What’s waiting for your attention?

30 Days to Done combats overwhelm and prioritizes what’s important to YOU, especially leading into the new year. If you want to accomplish something BIG, something that deserves your attention, bring it here; we’ll get it complete.

And lastly friend, whether or not you choose 30 Days to Done to round out your year and get your ish done, don’t let the year finish without focusing on YOU.

Your priorities. Your energy.

When you feel good and clear, that’s the best for everyone around you. That’s when I actually enjoy my life and am also more fun to be around. :)

In 30 Days to Done, I’m ready to help you eliminate the heavy stuff and get it DONE. Take that one important goal and get it complete so you go into 2018 feeling powerful.

Here’s the link to all the details and to sign up. We start our Orientation tomorrow night and doors close tonight at 10pm. I don’t leave doors open till midnight; I wanna sleep ya’ll!

If you’re waiting for it to feel right, stop waiting. Just ask yourself how you want to feel by December 31, 2017 and if you need a system to help you. I know I did and that’s exactly why I’m running this program. Ain’t no shame in the right system! It’d be a pleasure to support you – along with your coaches, partner, and group.

Thanks, as always for journeying with me.
xx Ishita