Eliminate Distraction and Turn it into Action. Get Pumped.

Channeled my inner Arnie Schwarzenegger for that title.

I could’ve also said, “What’re you waiting for?,” which is more of the sentiment I feel he he he. :)

If you’ve thought about joining 30 Days to Done but haven’t yet, my Q to you is “Friend. Seriously. What are you waiting for?”

ig-newsletter-11-27-17I want to BE her. Look how cool she is.

Till it feels “worth” it?

I’ve been down that road.

You wait to see if it’ll give what you want. Ask 100 questions, “What do you think?” “Is it worth it for me specifically?” “What if I can’t make the calls?”

Waiting to feel like it’s worth it is my WORST option. Historically, I shoot myself in the foot when I do it (the handful of times I have = bad news). I worry and stress so much WHILE I STAY IN THE SAME SPOT trying to decide.

The same spot.

If I end up saying, “Yes,” I get what I want, but I’ve wasted a lot of time. If I say, “No” all I’ve done is waste time and add more stress to my life.

Plus I’m in the same dang spot I was in before.

I’ve learned to decide quickly, even if my answer is NO.

That’s where 90% of my best results in business and life come from.

Your answer might be No right now. That’s okay! “No” might be the smartest thing you can do if you’ve said way too many “Yes’s” recently.

Deciding MOVES your energy around, opens up opportunity and new solutions, and gives you more mental space.

Fear and indecision take up A LOT of mental space.

Deciding makes you a performer.

Hesitating, waiting, and worrying do NOT.

Think about if 30 Days to Done is right for you. I can help: If you can’t make the calls or a 20-minute daily meeting, don’t want to get uncomfortable, or are going through trauma/transition, don’t sign up. The program is intense and I don’t want you to feel like you can’t hack it. You CAN, but your circumstances will put a ceiling on your success.

The best way to decide if it’s worth it is decide.

Make a decision and then MAKE IT worth your while. I do that with everything I buy or do; there’s value in it no matter what it is.

Once you’re in and TAKING ACTION, you’ll feel your energy shift.

The value of 30 Days to Done: you save HUGE energy and time, your BIGGEST goal gets accomplished in the next 30 days, and you get more clarity and space before the end of the year.

If I could straight up order that on a menu I would. Sounds DAMN GOOD!

If you see value in that, decide NOW. Don’t wait to feel clear about anything else. It’s a trap to think you need to consider 100 more things once you KNOW the value.

You don’t.

$250 is the current cost of 30 Days to Done. Next time I run it, it will be at least double ($500) if not more. Many of you asked me if I’ll run it next year and I don’t know if I will! I want to see how it goes, how I feel teaching, and how effective it is for you. Those are my metrics.

And even though I hate when people tell me to decide – uh, thanks, I know what I need – sometimes I do need the push. Those times it makes sense because the price will genuinely go away.

I met with our 30 Days Accountability Coach and she KICKS ASS; we’ve already made adjustments to the program so it’s more effective. She meets with you every week to go over your system & make sure you’re on track.

And because I offer a lot of 1:1 time in the program, the value of what you get compared to the price is pretty ridiculous. Candace said, “I really want to join! I don’t want to scramble anymore; I just want to take action & not feel so left behind! I thought this program would be $2000, not $250!”

On Friday I had 1:1 calls with peeps who’ve joined 30 Days to Done. We identified their big goal and started their 30 day action plans.

Jenny: “I already feel clearer thinking about it and breaking down the goal with you. I usually wake up at 3am freaking out about everything that needs to happen.”

MC: “Something about how you said things sliced through all my bullshit. I just DID it.”

When you get out of your head & say your fears out loud, you move ahead.

It comes down to your headspace: what do you think about all the time?

What would boost your confidence if you accomplished it?

Staying where you are is usually the worst place to be.

In 30 Days to Done, accomplish your TOP goals by December 31, 2017, focus only on major stuff, and feel energized and clear for what’s NEXT, not tied down by old projects.

If you give yourself anything over the next 30 days, let it be to get OUT of your habits and NOT stay stuck doing the same thing day in and day out, when you don’t want to.

Meredith: “I start a tracking system and then don’t/won’t stick with it because it doesn’t work. I don’t know how to tweak it then get scared I’ll look bad if I drop some balls. It weighs me way down. I’m tired of being stuck in this struggle for a good system; I’d be unstoppable with the right one! UGH! It interferes with my ability to live because it’s so important to live with integrity.”

I don’t know the secret, but I know why 30 Days to Done System works.

We start with pitfalls you usually fall into when you manage yourself:

  • You don’t hold yourself accountable. When you’re alone, you skip deadlines when you feel tired, move on to a different project if you get bored, stop taking action when you feel overwhelmed. Here, we hold you accountable daily and weekly with a partner and your own personal Accountability Coach, and you track your progress. We make sure you’re in action mode every day, NOT in your head. We don’t let you fall into old, bad habits just because it’s easy to do so.
  • You give yourself waaaaay too much time. 30 Days is our deadline; we kill you if you don’t make your goal in 30 days. ;) The deadline sets you up for RESULTS, not endless thinking. Daily meetings give you a daily deadline, so you feel accomplished by the end of each day, not wishing you’d done more. Momentum keeps you moving to SEE real results, not to simply keep making plans without acting.
  • You set yourself up to fail. Motivation and willpower alone don’t get you results; they’re just tools to use INSIDE a good system. Most people rely on these alone and feel like a failure if they don’t feel motivated. Our system is SIMPLE and has constraints so you perform to see results. The system is simple and easy to follow. You also track your progress so you don’t sabotage yourself.
  • You don’t push yourself enough to get results. More time, energy, and clarity IS AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. But most often we get so overwhelmed by the process we don’t push ourselves enough to the end of the finish line to SEE THESE RESULTS. We just get caught up mid-way thinking, “I’m a failure. I couldn’t do it anyway. I shouldn’t have even tried.”
  • We remove complexity and minimize distraction. The only thing you focus on is your MAJOR goal, scary enough without adding complexity.
  • You’re never alone. You get support all the time, especially when you fall into traps. Sitting behind your computer, wishing for results, is how we already spend our time, right? Time to try something different.

When you don’t have to think about the system, half the hard work is already done for you.

70% of your anxiety is already reduced: you KNOW your major goal, you already have your schedule and priorities straight, and you PLAN for habits/traps. You already know what you’re up against.


Get a huge burst of energy from stuff not weighing you down anymore.

The heavy stuff doesn’t just go away on its own; you have to TAKE ACTION on it somehow for it to GIVE YOU ENERGY.

Don’t rely on yourself, get a system to help you.

Dahyu: “WOO!! This patent’s been on my todo list for 10 months! I got it done in two hours and it’s a monumental energizer; I know it’ll fuel the rest of my week. It’s taken me more than 6 months to over a year to do some of this stuff and now I’m WAY over the top in my energy!”

We start our orientation call this Wednesday 7pm ET. Doors close on Tuesday night at 10pm ET. After that I explain the system and set you up with your Accountability coach & partner.

If you’re still on the fence, ask yourself what you need to decide.

Then do it!

If you decide not to join, at least you’ve made a decision and you can move on with your life!

I always believe it’s worth the risk to bet on yourself, especially when it stretches you.

I’ll send you a couple more emails before we close the program tomorrow night and most importantly, we START 30 Days to Done on Wednesday!

Rolling into the week like WHOA.
xx Ishita