Don’t know what to do? Use your energy to decide.

I’ve been in “The Soup” a few times in my life. I coined the term, “The Soup” last year when I found myself in the same frustrating situation with the same person, repeatedly. No matter what I did or said, every time I’d feel confused when we spoke. Erry time.

I didn’t know it back then, but now I know I wasn’t setting a proper boundary, which of course, rocket propelled me straight into The Soup.

Now I know when confusion shows up, it means something is off in my life.

Like if I don’t trust my intuition or I tolerate something not aligned with Me, capital M. Click the image below to watch video.

Today’s video is about the Soup and how to use your energy to get the Hell out of it. My client, Sonia, was in the Soup with a career opportunity and she didn’t know how to respond, “Should I do it or should I not?” We used her energy as a barometer to decide and it worked brilliantly. Once we made the decision, she had a huge burst of energy. I mean YUGE. That’s what happens!

When you get out of the Soup you instantly have fresh reserves of energy.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the video:

  • I LOVE Maya Angelou & get a little aggressive telling you how much.
  • How to say Yes or No & mean it, even at the beginning of your career.
  • How to use your energy to clear out Soupy situations in your life
  • The only 3 reasons to do free work & why you might want to stop doing it.

If you’re in The Soup right now, time to get OUT. It’s 2017! We can’t stand for it anymore :) You need your energy to do the big, impactful things you want AND WILL do. I’m here to help any way I can, including getting us out of zzeeee Soup. The only spoons you’ll need are to paddle your way out. He he he.

*Note: I’m starting videos again! I love video so much and haven’t done it the last two years because I was focused on other parts of my business and because: SCARED. I now realize I love it even more than my fear. And even though I may look cray cray and I’m still getting used to production, expect new videos from me each week that will give you ONLY the top resources and lessons that have made me happier, healthier, and loving myself and my life. It’s NOT an easy path; there’s a lot I’ve learned about confidence, self-love, entrepreneurship, media, running my business, family relationships, setting boundaries, having hard conversations, and love. Whoa, love. I want to share all of it.

I’ll still write each month, but you’ll now also have videos to choose from. And when you do watch, will you please show some luuurve? :) “Like” the video or share it – especially if your friend, partner, or family needs to hear it. I literally share books and tools every day with my peeps – most of the time they hate me for it ;) but sometimes a nugget makes a real difference for their lives (then they love me again.)
xx Ishita