Do you make excuses for yourself?

Tell me if this ever happens to you…

You start to do something you’ve procrastinated for a long time. Let’s say, write a blog post.

You touch the keys. Then the sigh comes. “But I have so much other stuff to do…

Few minutes pass. Instead of dashing out the post, you get overwhelmed. “Why do I have to do this anyway?” “How can one person be expected to do it all?!” Excuses begin. “I’ve only *just* got my energy back! Why am I wasting it on this?”

Shocking isn’t it. A few minutes ago something so important all of a sudden becomes the most irrelevant thing in your life.


The task is important, that’s why you’ve put it off so long.

But, right now, you’re too hung up on your excuse. Your brilliant, real (to you), legitimate wittle baby of an excuse.

We wuv wittle babies.

In today’s video I tell you my favorite excuse. I finally got so bored by it I had to LET IT GO. Here’s how I did it. Click to watch video.

But like babies, who inevitably turn on you and fill your pristine world with tears and fury and slime (or so my friends say), one day your excuses turn on you too. In that moment you feel small and weak and… bored.

You say the same thing so often that you just HAVE. TO. STOP.

Pay attention. You’ll know you’re making excuses if:

  • You only make them when the REAL work starts.
    Resistance loves real work; as soon as you do it, it throws huge excuses at you. It takes courage to not take the bait.
  • You bore yourself to tears.
    Seriously. Last week I got so bored hearing myself say, “But I only *just* got my energy back,” for the millionth time I laughed SO hard. People thought I was nuts but sometimes real life IS pure comedy! I slapped myself back to reality. “Holy hell, Ishita. Get over it!” Just because I’d filled my life with a bunch of new (amazing) things, didn’t mean I let the excuse train roll through my living room every 5 minutes.
  • You go into excuses more when you feel confused or overwhelmed. When you don’t have clarity, watch out! Excuse train’s a’ coming around the corner!
  • If you’ve procrastinated already.
    Put off writing to your boss for 3 days? Just wait till day 5, you’ll shock yourself with the triple-word score mother-ship level excuses you come up with. Never again can you say you’re not a creative genius. :)

In today’s video, I show you exactly how I caught myself making excuses and stopped right that second.

It ain’t worth it!

Living with excuses makes you FEEL small. When you feel small, you PLAY small.

You don’t have to throw what’s important to you out the window. My energy and peace of mind ARE precious. They’re very important. I spent the entire year getting them back and healing myself, no wonder I was making excuses for them.

But discern when you genuinely need to give yourself a break from when you make excuses; they’re not the same thing.

And realize you make excuses because you’re afraid. You’re afraid of losing the things you hold so precious, which is normal dear one.

But you needn’t be scared.

Instead of feeling scared, realize WHY you committed to these things in the first place.

There’s a reason. And you don’t have to lose the root of what you hold dear to live a powerful life without excuses.

So if you’re boring yourself with your excuses, today’s a great day to do the opposite. No excuses. Stop giving your life away to them. Instead, do the thing on the other end of your excuse. Do it.

Just say no. To excuses.

And see how much richer and more fulfilling your life feels for you.

If this post helped you, I’m glad. Thanks for reading and being in charge of your life by consuming information that moves you forward. And if this helped you, it will also help someone else. I’m a big advocate of not keeping helpful things to ourselves. Share this freely with someone who’s making too many excuses or tell them how this helped YOU stop making them. We all need to know we’re not alone on our journey.

xx Ishita