Do this now to get out of “I don’t know energy,” and feel unstoppable

I went to the lady doctor this morning. Each time I’m there, I take advantage of the “fun” jar at the insurance desk, strategically placed to distract you from all the $$ you drop. I pull quotes and mostly laugh, but sometimes they take on special significance when my injections hurt. :)


“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

Thanks W.R. I like the quote because it fits quite nicely into today’s post.

Today we’re talking about ACTION…loads of it.

Click here or the picture below to watch today’s video on how to get out of “I don’t know…” energy and into action now. (Bonus: hear me wheeze like a 90-year old grandma.)

Last week a client who’s at the beginning stages in her business told me she felt blue. There was so much new and unfamiliar stuff in her business that she consistently felt like a newbie. Not a nice feeling, especially if you feel it often.

She was in her head thinking about what to do, but not actually doing it. “I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing!” she said.

My reply: “Of course you don’t. You’ve never done it before. Your brain is hard-wired to keep you believing you’re not smart or competent; designed to keep you safe. Everything you do now is new and totally unsafe right now because it leaves you open to rejection and judgement.”

“Sign me up to feel inexperienced every day please!” said no one, ever.

When you get stuck in your head, the more you believe you can’t do it, the more you stop taking action. This reaffirms you can’t do stuff, not because you don’t know how, but simply because YOU’RE NOT DOING STUFF.

It sounds like a mighty oversimplification, but it’s profound when you see how true it really is:


Lord I hope that grammar’s correct.

The second you DO, the more you see you can do. The more you see you can do, the more you do. The more you do, the more results you get.

That’s one fast way out of a bad or vicious cycle, in life or business.

It’s the fastest way I’ve found anyway, and that’s coming from a Type-A woman who pays high rent up in my head! It takes massive effort and a CHOICE to act every day instead of thinking about what I could be doing.

Do more things.

Don’t stay stuck in energy that’s not the REAL YOU. Watch today’s video to learn how.

Remember, your brain’s first response to anything new is “I can’t.” “I’m not smart enough.” “No.” “Stop asking me to do it.”

Once you realize it’s not YOU who’s incapable, it’s your brain that makes you feel less bold than you really are, you realize…

You’re unstoppable.

Really, you are.

It’s time to start acting that way.

Emphasis on ACT.

Remember, the instant you take action, thoughts that once genuinely stopped you, vanish. They don’t saunter, they bounce outta there.

Do you need to act more today? If you’re stuck or irritated, I bet there’s actions you want to take, but you’re choosing not to. No need to tell me, but please be honest with yourself :). Email me at Tell me where you’re at and if you have a Q or want me to expand. If lots of you want it, I’ll make a video or post expanding on this.

If you found this helpful, please share it generously with your peeps (and take on their eye rolls courageously!) If someone you love is stuck in their head but needs to take action, send this to them. Doing this has deepened my relationships because people see I want to thrive, not just “get by” and I want them to do the same.

DOING IT and doing it and doing it well.
xx Ishita