Eliminate Distraction and Turn it into Action. Get Pumped.

Channeled my inner Arnie Schwarzenegger for that title. I could’ve also said, “What’re you waiting for?,” which is more of the sentiment I feel he he he. :) If you’ve thought about joining 30 Days to Done but haven’t yet, my Q to you is “Friend. Seriously. What are you waiting for?” I want to… Read More

Cross it OFF. Get it Done. *Really* get it done.

Last December I held a “Loose Ends” Challenge for people who read my newsletter (so like, everyone in the world bwahahahaha… #yeahright #Imridiculous…you’re the only people who matter!) For four hours on a cold Friday, a group of us knocked out tasks we’d had on our to-do lists for months, even years. In real-time we… Read More

3 Ways to Reclaim Your Energy Now

Birds give me energy This month I can’t stop writing or talking about energy. I journal about it and take stock of my reserves every day: Did I manage it well today? Where did I squander it? What gave me energy vs. drained me? The few times I’ve significantly lost my energy makes me want… Read More

Where I was last January: Thailand Part 1

Happy birthday to me and my twin, Abha Gupta! And a happy birthday and proud salute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (15th.) Sharing a birthday with him genuinely makes me stand up taller and want to be bold. Today I want to share with you where I was last year on my birthday –… Read More

How serious are you about REAL progress?

The last three weeks I’ve shared how practices like my morning routine are critical to me feeling confident and successful in my life. Between my routines and daily and weekly tracking, I feel accountable because I see my progress; the tally marks make me feel proud that I’m focused on the right things. The tools… Read More

How I keep a great day going: My afternoon routine

The last few weeks I’ve been sharing just how important my morning routine is. This routine, crafted over many years, is the pillar of success in my business and life. It is one of the most fulfilling things to start my day off right and to know I can trust myself. You start the day… Read More

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