You can’t have THIS if you don’t DO this.

Today we’re talking about risk, baby. Risk. Risky business. Risk AND reward. Not risk versus reward. The difference isn’t subtle; it’s made a HUGE difference in my life. I’ve learned that risk and reward do not compete with each other; they’re not in contrast but go hand in glove. They rely on each other. Profoundly…. Read More

Stop waiting…& waiting…& waiting.

Today’s post is about a topic my pal Seth Godin wrote a book on; Linchpin: Are you Indispensable. I helped publish it and wrote a post inside, so it’s close to my heart, but I love it because it’s about not waiting for someone to choose you. For anything. I LOVE choosing myself. Always have…. Read More

I learned the hard way. But you don’t have to.

60 people are signed up for the 5 Powerful Mindsets call since I announced it on Thursday. I imagine weekenders rolled in while sipping their morning tea & reading NYT (I like to pretend we’re the same and would make excellent roommates.) :) Here’s the page to sign up. If you’re on the fence, I… Read More

Do you make excuses for yourself?

Tell me if this ever happens to you… You start to do something you’ve procrastinated for a long time. Let’s say, write a blog post. You touch the keys. Then the sigh comes. “But I have so much other stuff to do…” Few minutes pass. Instead of dashing out the post, you get overwhelmed. “Why… Read More

Keep your word and zip your lips

Trying to look good and avoiding looking bad messes with our lives; when it becomes a habit, soon your relationships start to exhaust you, you can’t be present with others, and you don’t feel like yourself. Contrast that to when you move beyond a habit because you know why you do it. What’s here? Huge… Read More

The trap: Looking good and not looking bad

One of the sneakiest behavior traps we humans fall into is wanting to look good and avoiding looking bad. We’re so easily trapped that sometimes we behave according to this invisible script all day erry day: DO NOT LOOK BAD. LOOK GOOD! DO NOT LOOK BAD! (often said like a command from your brain.) Much… Read More

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