The REAL reason you want more time & why another 24 isn’t enough!

In today’s video I answer: “How can I find more time in my life?” Numero uno: Constantly wanting more time wrecks your perception of life. When you’re always searching, your brain is perpetually stressed out from hunting; and even when you do get more time, the second you do, it feels like it slips through… Read More

Stop Resisting Where You Are & Feeling “Left Behind”

It’s Truthful Tuesday, where I answer your Q’s from emails you’ve sent or our live calls. “Truth Ain’t Easy” was the name of my first blog 10 years ago & I still love it because it still applies. I thought the name was sooo cool HAHA!! Truth AIN’T easy. It’s not “nice” and it is… Read More

Big Fat Indian Wedding + Saying Yes when you mean No + 14 yr olds

I’m not being hyperbolic when I say last night’s Blazing Q&A was my favorite so far. Hot damn. Your questions were truthful and challenging. Help! I’m stuck with money. Nothing’s coming in & I don’t have prospects. How can I react gracefully if something bad happens instead of getting so angry? I’m growing and improving… Read More

5 Ways to Manage Stress When You Encounter New Problems

Today’s video gives you 5 ways to manage your stress, especially up against new problems. Regular problems are a part of being human; they annoy you, but you’re trained to manage because they come up daily. Thank god for regular problems? HA! New problems, however, make your system work hard because your circuits aren’t wired… Read More

How to Respect Yourself & Why it Sucks at First

People cross their own boundaries all the time. They say “Yes” when every cell in their body means, “No.” Help someone else when they’re already stretched to the max. Keep toxic people in their life because they feel a sense of duty. Would we do the same if we had more self-respect? No. We would… Read More

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