My personal story & what’s been most powerful

Today’s post is personal and exciting for me. In the video, I share my story of the last 10 years; when I moved to New York with dreams in tow, took risks, worked with brilliant people, built a business so I could live and work freely, and learned about myself as a woman, partner, friend…. Read More

Feel weird with people? Get your power back

Lots of Q’s about human behavior and hard conversations this week. Today I’ll answer a Q I get a lot about how to be yourself with people, especially at work. On our live call last week, Trina asked how to interact with her COO. I didn’t get to answer it live so here’s my response… Read More

How to sell without freaking yourself out :)

Last week you learned the first thing to do before selling someone is create a “relatedness” with them – i.e. establish a real concern for how they feel and what they need. You MUST have this before you dive in – skip at your peril. Once you do that, drop your agenda and speak directly… Read More

How to Sell & *Really* Connect with People

Today’s post is about business. Specifically how to sell and connect with anyone in a way where both of you leave feeling good. Often we leave conversations disappointed and don’t know why. In sales, especially because people say No, it triggers us even more when conversations go south. I’ve been there many times. When I… Read More

Want to feel proud of yourself?

Happy Wednesday. I just got back from an exciting and intense weekend in Chicago. I love Chitown because her energy reminds me of New York – everything feels possible. I’ll follow that feeling till the end of the Earth. The architecture, graffiti, and the way the sun hit the L-train above my hotel room had… Read More

You can’t have THIS if you don’t DO this.

Today we’re talking about risk, baby. Risk. Risky business. Risk AND reward. Not risk versus reward. The difference isn’t subtle; it’s made a HUGE difference in my life. I’ve learned that risk and reward do not compete with each other; they’re not in contrast but go hand in glove. They rely on each other. Profoundly…. Read More

Stop waiting…& waiting…& waiting.

Today’s post is about a topic my pal Seth Godin wrote a book on; Linchpin: Are you Indispensable. I helped publish it and wrote a post inside, so it’s close to my heart, but I love it because it’s about not waiting for someone to choose you. For anything. I LOVE choosing myself. Always have…. Read More

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