Keep your word and zip your lips

Trying to look good and avoiding looking bad messes with our lives; when it becomes a habit, soon your relationships start to exhaust you, you can’t be present with others, and you don’t feel like yourself. Contrast that to when you move beyond a habit because you know why you do it. What’s here? Huge… Read More

The trap: Looking good and not looking bad

One of the sneakiest behavior traps we humans fall into is wanting to look good and avoiding looking bad. We’re so easily trapped that sometimes we behave according to this invisible script all day erry day: DO NOT LOOK BAD. LOOK GOOD! DO NOT LOOK BAD! (often said like a command from your brain.) Much… Read More

The power of words, Cheetos & a signal from God

Make your declaration, baby. Throw spelling out the window. I’m about to start a rigorous leadership program in a month. On top of what I’m currently doing. It’ll take up time. I’ll have to drive to places I don’t necessarily want to be. As soon as I left the intro meeting I got triggered: The… Read More

Tell the truth, babycakes. Life gets better.

The steps outside a church in NYC. Preach NYC, preach! “Let’s talk about truth, baybee, let’s talk about you and me.” (Know that song?!) We’re talking about truth because I’m loading up on receiving it and telling it. Truth has a wide spectrum, friends. Like when my buddy Aaron said, “You know it’s okay to… Read More

Settling into Thailand [Part 2]

On Monday I sent Part 1 of my Thailand update. When I went to Thailand I was in straight up in survival mode; had a million Q’s about life & love, no answers. I spent a lot of time alone and slowly started to feel my intuition again. It took the rest of the year… Read More

How to do sales completely wrong (I told him the truth)

Ever had a conversation so uncomfortable you wanted to crawl out of your body, reach through the phone and smack the person on the other end? I’m way too cool for that. SIKE. I literally live life from one awkward moment to the next. Last week I had a cringeworthy conversation with a salesman. He… Read More

Don’t know what to do? Use your energy to decide.

I’ve been in “The Soup” a few times in my life. I coined the term, “The Soup” last year when I found myself in the same frustrating situation with the same person, repeatedly. No matter what I did or said, every time I’d feel confused when we spoke. Erry time. I didn’t know it back… Read More

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