Goat cheese, making the “ask,” and how to get what you want

Have you ever wanted something, but felt too uncomfortable to ask for it? You get a feeling you want it, but then thoughts flood in: “I don’t want to bother them” “Do I *really* even want it?” You doubt yourself, let it slide, “I’ll just ask next time…” In today’s video, I tell you how… Read More

When You Don’t Speak Up Because You Want to Protect Them

Here’s an audio inspired by my journaling session this morning. I wrote about my relationship with my dad. Spoiler alert: it ain’t pretty. I’m undoing years of codependency, and the “work” is tough. The clip is informal, me talking for 13 mins; you may want to grab a cuppa tea and take notes. If you… Read More

The Roundup: Business + Personal Updates

Welcome to the May edition of the Roundup where I give you relevant updates on business + nonsense updates on my life :) First: personal updates! Babies galore! Two of my best friends are having babies this year, one in a few weeks. We threw her a Prince-themed shower (purple, obvi) & I’ll brag for… Read More

Stop Faking It! Be Powerful In Your Transition

Blazing Q&A is happening next Wednesday May 16th! I’ll answer Q’s on money, co-dependency, selling, clients, friendships, so come OUT! Don’t live same ole same ole, show up LIVE and get what you need to make PROGRESS. It goes down Weds, May 16 at 7:00pm ET. Sign up here. Onto today’s post. If there’s one… Read More

Healing: messy, raw, and incomplete. Roll with it!

BLAZING Q&A IS BACK! My absolute favorite night of the month is happening in two weeks: Weds May 16th, 7pm ET. I’ll dive into your Q’s on fear, relationships, boundaries, MONEY! $$, managing time, running your business. Join here, it’s free. If you haven’t attended, it’s a great way to get personal, specific coaching just… Read More

Feeling like crap? Don’t do this, it’ll make it worse.

Today’s video is about what to do when you feel like shit. (“Crap” was more diplomatic but if I’m honest, shit feels like shit, am I right?) My brother and I talked yesterday about how to get out of a rut. Then my client sent me this email the same night: “I spent the weekend… Read More

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