Gremlins aren’t real. Your beliefs aren’t either.

Remember the movie Gremlins? Here’s the story: Man gets cute pet. Pet acts normal. One day man accidentally feeds pet after midnight. Pet turns into killing monster, wreaks havoc until man kills pet. Oops! Late night snack = big problem. Late night snacks are a big problem for me too.       Daytime.  … Read More

My 3 Most Effective Business Tools: Sales, Storytelling, Systems

As a leadership and business coach, I’m often asked how to get clarity in people’s life or work. Variations of, “How do I find clients?” “How can I figure out my purpose?” “I know I’m smart, but something’s off; it’s just not working. What should I do?” Sometimes I fire off an answer because it’s… Read More

3 Ways to Get Your Energy Back Now

There was a year of my life when every time someone asked, “How are you?” I answered, “I’m tired.” Every. Time. After a few months my siblings said, “Stop. You’re awful. Get a new answer.” Wasn’t the first time I learned this – it’d come up many times as a whisper, then a baseball bat…. Read More

My personal story & what’s been most powerful

Today’s post is personal and exciting for me. In the video, I share my story of the last 10 years; when I moved to New York with dreams in tow, took risks, worked with brilliant people, built a business so I could live and work freely, and learned about myself as a woman, partner, friend…. Read More

Feel weird with people? Get your power back

Lots of Q’s about human behavior and hard conversations this week. Today I’ll answer a Q I get a lot about how to be yourself with people, especially at work. On our live call last week, Trina asked how to interact with her COO. I didn’t get to answer it live so here’s my response… Read More

How to sell without freaking yourself out :)

Last week you learned the first thing to do before selling someone is create a “relatedness” with them – i.e. establish a real concern for how they feel and what they need. You MUST have this before you dive in – skip at your peril. Once you do that, drop your agenda and speak directly… Read More

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