Motivation is garbage. Plan for your fear, don’t avoid it.

I once heard Mel Robbins say, “Motivation is garbage.” I immediately liked the sound of that. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with motivation my whole life. While I feel an innate sense of purpose, I feel only some degree of internal motivation; I regularly fall back into habits and get stuck despite trying to stay… Read More

If it doesn’t work, CHANGE it. Even chickens know that.

Check out this video, of a chicken losing it’s damn mind trying to get around a fence. He knows freedom is right around that fence, but watch how frustrated he gets pacing back and forth. The more he paces, the more he gets stuck. A nice Jamaican man narrates wisdom bombs in the video. I’ve… Read More

Cross it OFF. Get it Done. *Really* get it done.

Last December I held a “Loose Ends” Challenge for people who read my newsletter (so like, everyone in the world bwahahahaha… #yeahright #Imridiculous…you’re the only people who matter!) For four hours on a cold Friday, a group of us knocked out tasks we’d had on our to-do lists for months, even years. In real-time we… Read More

Are you dissatisfied but totally ignoring it?

Last year I realized how dissatisfied I was with my relationship with my parents. I love my parents and they’re foundational in my life. We had ceviche last night. But since I was a kid, I was trained to people-please, shut my mouth, and put other’s needs before my own. These behaviors made me miserable… Read More

3 Ways to Reclaim Your Energy Now

Birds give me energy This month I can’t stop writing or talking about energy. I journal about it and take stock of my reserves every day: Did I manage it well today? Where did I squander it? What gave me energy vs. drained me? The few times I’ve significantly lost my energy makes me want… Read More

The #1 Place to Get Your Power and KEEP It.

I started boxing this summer. The studio is next to my favorite sushi spot, so I walk by 3x/week in order to get my salmon fix. That’s NOT why I started, oh ye of little faith. ;) I joined because I want to feel strong. To push my body to do things she’s not used… Read More

Speaking YOUR truth to power

I’d want a tribe if they told me that, wouldn’t ya? Two weeks ago I wrote about how I prepare for speaking gigs, and many of you asked me questions about speaking: What, and when, do I charge for speaking gigs? How do I design my upcoming 30-minute talk? How do I get rid of… Read More

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