Eliminate overwhelm & Get it Done in 30 Days

I’ve said this for years! Guess that makes us twinsies :)   A good way to stress yourself out? Take a super long time to make a decision. I used to feel scared and overwhelmed making different decisions. I’d wait for so long to decide until I knew for sure or for certain, but while… Read More

Eliminate Distraction and Turn it into Action. Get Pumped.

Channeled my inner Arnie Schwarzenegger for that title. I could’ve also said, “What’re you waiting for?,” which is more of the sentiment I feel he he he. :) If you’ve thought about joining 30 Days to Done but haven’t yet, my Q to you is “Friend. Seriously. What are you waiting for?” I want to… Read More

Gobble up your next 30 Days. No more excuses.

Oh how I love Donna Summer and this album cover.   Hello my peeps. Update on 30 Days to Done. Heads up you’ll get 3 more emails from me before the program starts next week, so prepare yourself emotionally if you need to. ;) Tomorrow I start 1:1 calls with people in 30 Days to Done. We… Read More

How to keep your word & have integrity (or stop fooling yourself!)

Have you ever said: “My biggest problem is following a process and sticking to it.” “I need someone to hold me accountable.” “I’m afraid I’ll do the same thing I’ve done a hundred times!” Yep. Me in a nutshell. My biggest problem for years was accountability. Had great ideas and ambition, but you couldn’t PAY… Read More

Motivation is garbage. Plan for your fear, don’t avoid it.

I once heard Mel Robbins say, “Motivation is garbage.” I immediately liked the sound of that. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with motivation my whole life. While I feel an innate sense of purpose, I feel only some degree of internal motivation; I regularly fall back into habits and get stuck despite trying to stay… Read More

If it doesn’t work, CHANGE it. Even chickens know that.

Check out this video, of a chicken losing it’s damn mind trying to get around a fence. He knows freedom is right around that fence, but watch how frustrated he gets pacing back and forth. The more he paces, the more he gets stuck. A nice Jamaican man narrates wisdom bombs in the video. I’ve… Read More

Cross it OFF. Get it Done. *Really* get it done.

Last December I held a “Loose Ends” Challenge for people who read my newsletter (so like, everyone in the world bwahahahaha… #yeahright #Imridiculous…you’re the only people who matter!) For four hours on a cold Friday, a group of us knocked out tasks we’d had on our to-do lists for months, even years. In real-time we… Read More

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