3 Ways to Get Your Energy Back Now

There was a year of my life when every time someone asked, “How are you?” I answered, “I’m tired.” Every. Time. After a few months my siblings said, “Stop. You’re awful. Get a new answer.”

Wasn’t the first time I learned this – it’d come up many times as a whisper, then a baseball bat.

Now I’m an active self-care practitioner because I have to be. When I practice, I feel relief and peace of mind. When I skip it, I feel awful and life doesn’t work. It’s that simple.

If you feel stretched thin or life is too full, today’s video is tailor-made for you. Whether you want a great relationship or a thriving business (or both, obvi) it starts with YOU.

You are the foundation. Nothing works if you don’t.

Especially if you run a business, learning this now can save you the baseball bat. :)

Knowing what YOU specifically need to feel healthy and vital is a super-power. It helps you control your most important currency: Energy. Chi. Life force. Once you can manage internal resources, energy, you can manage external resources like time and money. I encourage you to look at how you operate in these three areas and see for yourself how similar they are.

In today’s video, I give you the 3 tips that help me manage my energy and time daily. These are my regular go-to’s when life feels too full:

#1: Ask yourself : What am I tolerating right now?
This can be very confronting to ask yourself, because we’re so used to tolerating circumstances that don’t feel good. I thought I was a great boundary setter but my list shocked me; it was FULL of stuff I didn’t like but was so used to: my phone randomly shutting off, doing tasks for my parents (call fish guy, return Amazon stuff), not having water with me all day.

It didn’t matter how small a toleration seemed, I spent a huge amount of time thinking about it. No wonder I was tired. Carrying these around took a huge toll on my mental and emotional health.

When I did this exercise and DEALT WITH myself, I saw how I put other’s needs before my own and how it impacted my life.

Once you’ve made your list, star the items that weigh you down the most. Write ONE action step for each for how you’ll let go of this toleration. Delegate, organize, and delete it from your list. Just bypass the part of your brain that gets judgy for deleting – don’t feel guilty. I’ve done it many times and survived.

#2. Learn the word “No.” Think of it like Oxygen.
Sounds dramatic, but I’ve had times where over-committing in life and work got so crazy I had panic attacks. I felt depressed, anxious all the time, and saw doctors because I lost a ton of weight. It was scary. Small consistent stress and over-committing add up to a serious problem over time.

Maybe you’re not panicked, but you might be irritated or angry. Pay attention.

Saying No creates space and freedom in your life.

And it’s okay if you’re met with disapproval – it’s not the worst thing in the world especially when you know what you’re committed to.

Remember, don’t say No to the person, say “Yes” to what you really want: what you’re passionate about and committed to. If you don’t have a clear yes, spend time first identifying it, otherwise saying “no” will be very hard. I’ve been here before and I always caved and gave in when I didn’t have a clear Yes.

#3: Be consistent with your self-care
Self-care is important looooong before you hit rock bottom. This was hardest for me because I tend to go to extremes – hitting rock bottom before I learned to slow down, letting relationships slide until I had to repair them.

Consistency gives you results over time.

You can learn in short, intense bursts, but sustainability only happens over time.

What can you consistently practice to keep you in a strong state of mind and keep your energy flowing? This is how you build a baseline to be healthy and happy no matter what situations you encounter.

It can be as simple as taking a walk each day, drinking lots of water, or journaling 10 minutes a day.

Whatever works, be consistent with it even when you’re busy or life gets hard and when great things happen.

Energy and time management are the first foundational skills you learn in Freedom to Thrive. The program teaches how to build a foundation to manage these powerfully.

Here’s what you learn:

  • What does your relationship to your Self look like.
  • How to manage your energy, time, and boundaries.
  • How to have ease and flow, not forcing things.
  • Learn systems for personal and business productivity.
  • Are you respecting yourself and setting boundaries.

I wish I knew what I know now 10 years ago :) but we learn our lessons when we need to. If learning how to powerfully manage your energy is calling to you, now might be exactly the right time to do so.

Go to the Freedom to Thrive page, fill out the application, or email me to speak 1:1, ishita@ishitagupta.com. Energy matters a lot, so we’ll talk about what you want to create in 2017 to feel like you’re thriving.

No more skipping the steps to find out what REALLY makes you feel nourished, vital, and energized. 2017 is about building FROM that foundation, not without it.

xx Ishita